Central College Christian Academy is not only committed to providing students with a rigorous Bible-based academic curriculum but also offers advanced programming that contributes to cultivating the whole child. These solid building blocks are purposely combined to make a CCCA education a cut above other local schools.



Modern technology plays an important role in our daily instruction. Every CCCA classroom has use of Chromebook carts at the appropriate grade level and many have access to mobile iPad carts. Upperclassmen have access to the 1:1 Chromebook program. Grades 1-8 are also equipped with SMARTBOARDS, taking classroom instruction to a whole new level.

We are also very proud to offer HD Green Screen Studio which allows students to film CCCA News and engage in another school project. It is so important to equip today’s students with effective tools that allow them to gain the most current skills.

Well-trained teachers at CCCA utilize interactive Smart Boards, Chromebook carts in the classrooms, iPad labs, and a scientific-grade weather station. We are happy to provide WeatherBug Achieve, an award-winning software that features online interactive tools and GIS-based activities. Through this advanced technology, we can bring data collected by our station into each classroom. By use of recording studio equipment and a chroma key green screen, students can utilize data collected from the station to broadcast CCCA news and weather reports across closed circuit flat screens. Students in middle school grades have use of personal Chromebooks.

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