Dr Jenifer Smith

Victoria (Tori) Brink

1st Grade Teacher

I received my Masters of Education from The Ohio State University in 2016 with a focus on reading and phonics.  Before that I lived abroad in South Korea teaching ESL to elementary students in rural parts of the country, which is where I found my passion for teaching.
I have always been a very active individual participating in sports year-round in high school and competing on Ohio State University’s Varsity Cross-Country and Track and Field programs from 2009-2013, while completing two undergraduate degrees, one in English and the second in International Studies.  Through these experiences I have been fortunate enough to travel the United States and abroad and form a more global perspective, which I hope to bring to the classroom again this year.
Even though my competing days are far behind me, I still have a very high-energy persona and use this to my advantage in the classroom.  In first grade, it is not only the student’s minds that are growing, but their bodies as well. I like to incorporate a range of activities that will get students moving as they learn to allow for the development of both physical and mental growth.
We are lucky to be learning in a Christian-based school as I also believe that the growth of their spirituality should be a strong staple in their education and enjoy teaching these beliefs alongside our common curriculum.  Also, many of the stories from the bible allow us to touch on different social and emotional ideas that are also paired with daily discussion and inquiry based learning of interacting with our peers, our emotions, and the world around us.