About our Academics

Central College Christian Academy not only provides a rigorous academic curriculum, but also offers programming that contributes to the education of the whole child. These educational building blocks are intentionally combined to make a Central College Christian Academy education unique among area schools.




CCCS desires to shape the hearts and minds of students as they mature into educated Christian leaders who will have a positive and lasting impact on the culture and communities they eventually will serve. If our students are to develop into global citizens in possession of both discernment and the disposition to improve the condition of their fellow man and the environment in which they live, they must be provided with meaningful real-life application experiences while young. CCCS provides leadership training and service projects for students at all grade levels.

Fine Arts

Art is one of the most extraordinary gifts God has given humanity to manifest His glory on Earth. The goal of the Fine Arts Department is to foster not only artistic qualities and character in our students, but also to encourage them to perform and create with servants’ hearts. Fine Arts programming complements and enhances our academic curriculum. Young artists explore art history, a variety of genres and participate in our annual art show to showcase their work. In music, CCCS offers strings universally in grades K-3 while our older students can choose from a combination of strings, band and vocal ensembles. Performances are held throughout the year. Students in 3rd-5th grade may take part in the Spring Musical.


To effectively equip students to engage a postmodern culture, they must possess 21st century skills. Our teachers utilize interactive Smart Boards, classroom Chromebook carts, multiple iPad labs, and a scientific-grade weather station. Combined with a chroma key green screen and recording studio equipment, student leaders use data collected from our station to broadcast daily news reports with weather conditions to the student body using closed circuit flat screens. Middle School students are issued personal Chromebooks as part of CCCS’s 1:1 technology initiative. We currently offer an after school coding club for interested students.

Enrichment And Intervention

The goal of our Enrichment Program is to encourage bright children to take risks. Identified children are encouraged to stretch for new learning in a safe, nurturing environment that treats mistakes as merely another way to learn. Intervention is provided for students who have an IEP or students who simply need extra support during the learning of a difficult concept. Student grouping is flexible and adjustable based on student needs. Both our Enrichment and Intervention teachers are licensed in their respective areas of expertise.

Foreign Language

CCCS students in K-5th Grade receive weekly Spanish instruction. Students are not only taught vocabulary and sentence structure, but also conversational skills by a licensed language teacher. In addition to learning a language, we also place emphasis on the importance of understanding culture.

Physical Education Programs

Formal PE is offered for all students. Our curriculum adheres to ODE standards and also promotes sportsmanship becoming of Christian boys and girls. Understanding the link between physical activity and learning, students also engage in daily recess breaks. Extra-curricular basketball and cheer/dance are offered in the winter. Middle School offers league play in co-ed track in the spring.

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