Back-To-School Tips For Avoiding Stress

Back-To-School Tips For Avoiding Stress

Before you know it, it will be time to start another school year in Westerville, OH! At Central College Christian Academy, we like to make sure everyone has the most pleasant back-to-school experience possible. Today we’re going to cover some back-to-school tips that can help reduce stress for both parents and students.

Take a tour of the campus.

If your child is going to be attended a new school or starting school for the first time, try to make an appointment for a tour of the school or come for any open houses that are available. Taking a tour of the school can help your child feel more comfortable on their first day of school, reducing overall anxiety.

Meet your new teacher.

Meeting anyone new can be an anxious experience, especially when it is a new teacher. We recommend also trying to meet your child’s new teacher before the school year begins. Allowing your child to familiarize themselves with their new teacher can also make the first day a more comfortable experience.

Go shopping early.

This one might be a bit more helpful for parents but regardless, you should go shopping as early as possible. Even if you can’t get everything at once, things like pencils, backpacks, folders and even paper can be purchased BEFORE the back-to-school rush.

Slowly transition back into the school routine.

It can be difficult to abruptly change schedules, we recommend starting to transition back into the school routine a few weeks before school actually starts. Going to bed on time, waking up on time and getting ready for the day can help children get back into the school routine before it even begins.

Have a playdate.

Is your child worried about who may be in their class this year? We recommend talking with other parents to see if any familiar faces will be in their class and then scheduling a playdate, it can help make children less nervous if they know they’ll have a friend in class.