We welcome your application! Typically, our parents enjoy touring the facility first. Please call 614-794-8146 to schedule your private tour.

Once all of your questions have been answered, Kindergarten families will schedule a Readiness Screening for their child, and all other families will schedule a Shadow Day so that their child may visit for a day in their appropriate classroom. At the time of scheduling your child's visit, you may pick up an Admissions Application. After applying, you will have a Family Interview with our Administrators.

2021-2022 Tuition Schedule


One-time application fee due at the time of submitting the application:  $75(non-refundable)

Placeholder fee per student due at time of enrollment:   $275(non-refundable)

General Tuition

Kindergarten:   $6,575

Grades 1-5:   $6,300

Each Additional Sibling:   10%


1st Child full tuition; each additional sibling:   10%

CCPC member:   15%

Full year paid tuition by August 1st:   5%

*Family may select 1 discount to be applied per student